Wednesday, February 23, 2011

what i have been up to....

lately.  sorry i have been quiet.  it has not been intentional.  i got the new chrome and changed some apps on my home page, so i don't see my blog everyday as before.  this might be an idea that i need to change it back to my blog.....i digress.

we have found a church.  yeah!  we have committed to a great little community and have been going every sunday for about a month and half now.  the pastor is a colleague of mine.  he and his wife moved to cambodia from south africa via taiwan to plant a church.  it's really for the locals, but we love it and feel like God wants us there too.  it's taken some adjustment, but we do feel like we are in the right place.  we also started a small group on tuesday evenings at their house.  it's just the four of us for now and it's great.  what a difference it makes to be in community with other believers.  i did not realize how much it influences my life until we had it again.  praise God for new opportunities!

i also started exercising.  about four weeks ago i went to the doctor to check in and start a relationship with an ob/gyn here.  i know that is a lot of information, but i don't know how else to explain.  one of the reasons we decided to move from korea when we did b/c we are hoping to start a family and that was not possible with my job situation there.  so here we are over the six month mark in cambodia and thinking about the whole family thing.  with all that in mind, i needed to get to know a doctor.  i know i need to be healthy.  she suggested that i try to get fit too in addition to working on losing some extra pounds before we begin the process.  that was motivation for i started the "couch to 5K" about 3 weeks ago.  it has been great so far, but could not run/walk last week b/c i had a bummed shoulder.  stupid muscles!  i feel good and so far have lost about 3 pounds or so.  i am kind of keeping track, but not manic about it.

we have had quite a situation with our apartment which is a long, complex story.  for now, i am going to spare you all the details.  it's been hard, full of emotions and uncertainty.  just pray that we can figure it out and do what God wants with the whole thing.

the next few weeks/months will be busy but good.  this weekend we have friends coming to visit from seoul, D, S & C.  the weekend of march 3rd we are going to bangkok so i can visit an established PYP school there.  i get to spend a day there and ask lots of questions.  i am excited and hope that some of my confusion will be cleared up and some questions to be answered.  i am such a visual learner that i hope "seeing" an established school will help me feel more affirmed in what i have been trying to do.

until next time...

Monday, February 7, 2011

spirit week

i am rocking the "fashion clash day" like no other. my kids are so proud of their crazy teacher. the funny part is the head of school commented on my outfit and how much he liked it without knowing it was spirit week. seriously? does this craziness really suit me? ok, maybe i don't want you to answer that question.

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Friday, February 4, 2011

oh my!

Jen and I went to lunch and then to Bloom Cafe for dessert. Oh my...we had a great time. We each had five cupcakes, yes FIVE! it was outrageous! here is my selection....there were new flavors to try and i could not resist! they were amazing! my favorite was the coffee cake with bailey's cream cheese icing. YUM! here is the picture of the amazingness! Enjoy!

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