Saturday, September 25, 2010

my lack of blogging....

i have no updated in a bit.  no real reason why that i can think of.  just feeling really uninspired at the moment.  yes, we have moved countries, but things don't seem as crazy to write about it even though i know that they really are.  not sure what the deal is.

things are good here.  paul has been super busy lately which is good.  he was worried since things slow down in the summer and had not really picked up, but now they have.  school is great.  i am loving my job.

i am dealing with some allergy related asthma stuff.  it has been on and off since we got here and school started up.  been using inhalers as needed, but am hoping that i will adjust and not be dependent on using them regularly.

we are headed to seoul in just over a week....we are looking forward to going "home".  seeing friends, loving on the city, tasting foods we love and cannot get here in PP.  :)

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