Thursday, May 19, 2011

it's thursday....

and i am still in one piece, but barely.  this week has panned out as i had projected--challenging, exhausting, and stressful.  tuesday night, after a superbly long day at school, i slipped and fell in the alley way to our house.  imagine petri dish for all kinds of bacteria and germs.  i got up and limped to our stairs where i was greeted by our neighbor, N.  she is amazing and runs the little shop in our alley.  she took all my bags and helped me up the 64 steps to our apartment.  she informed me that paul was out and helped me make sure i was not gushing blood or anything serious going on that i could not see.  it looked as if i just had a few scrapes, but my clothes were covered in gross dirt/mud.  N left me to take a shower and clean myself and she went down to get J.  J came in and wanted to make sure i was okay.  when she arrived i started to bawl......i was so upset and the fall was just the icing on the cake to an already challenging and tiring day.  J and N left and i got in the shower where i really cried and just stood there.  paul arrived home, instantly asking if i was okay since he saw J and N on the stairs.  i cried and cried.  i stood there having an "i hate living here" moment.  i cleaned myself up, poured rubbing alcohol over my scrapes to make sure all and any germs were dead, and had a nice, frothy beverage.  i went to bed shortly there after in hopes to just get some much needed rest.

it's now thursday and i am still moving, but this week seems never ending and nearly impossible.  praying for the strength, patience and endurance to get through this weekend.  

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  1. So sorry you had such a bad week! The weekend is coming and it sounds like you need some down time. I remember those I hate living here moments. They pass and usually something good comes out of it. Hope that day comes soon!