Sunday, August 22, 2010

going au natural

today i went to get my hair colored here in PP.  i went back to the same salon and had decided after much thought that i would just go natural for a while to give my hair a rest.  i kept having second thoughts, but i did it.  here is the end product---

the front had to be a bit darker to cover up the red well and look good.  so the back is pretty natural....kind of a dark blonde like color.  the front bits are dark brown/black.  sokun, the guy who did it, said that next time i could make the front lighter to match the back if i wanted.  i might just go with it like this since dark colors on the whole are not as rough on your hair.  surprisingly, i like it.  i was worried b/c last time i had dark all over i was not a fan, but that was in my first year in korea.  paul likes it too which is always an added bonus.  

here are some more pics.....

off to try to get into more episodes of "lost".  i am pretty skeptical, but paul thinks i will like it at some point.  i am not so sure.

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