Thursday, August 12, 2010

new country, new blog

after four years in korea, paul and i are now living in phnom penh, cambodia. since my first blog was started when i was single and chronicled my adventures while living in seoul, i am now making a blog for us and all about our journey while living in asia.

so, with all that, welcome to the falgouts in asia!

we have been here in the penh for about six weeks now. it has been an adventure already. we have set up our apartment, bought furniture, found some great places to eat, had our first overseas visitor, been to siem reap, seen the ancient temples, dealt with communication issues, had curtains made, learned about the local markets, sweat quite a bit, started back to work, meet my students, and managed to keep our sanity. it has been great! we are loving living here and find the people quite friendly. it has been affirming to be here knowing that God has a plan for our lives.

we hope you will join us on this journey that we are on...
stay tuned for more.



  1. great ... keep it up. love sam

  2. I am excieted for you guys. I think that this is a great idea.
    Diana (Mom)and 1st international visitor

  3. Great idea. It was fun being the 1st international visiter and getting to see all the places we saw

  4. Great sight. Good idea. Great getting to be first overseas visiter.
    Love, Diana