Saturday, December 4, 2010

december photo project ~ 3 dec 2010

i totally am in love with animals.  currently, i want a dog more than anything.  last night we went to dinner and stopped at a new shop called the warehouse.  it's a wine shop that had all sorts of good stuff to gaze at, taste and buy.  the owner is quite nice and has a dog called "lunch".  he is a golden/lab mix and a huge ball of fun that i got to love on while tasting a white chenin blanc from south africa.  it was heaven to me.  it only makes me desire for our own dog more, but so worth it and fills a piece of my animal loving heart.  the hard part is knowing that lunch has about nine pups that need a home....stab a spoon in my heart.  we just don't live in a house/apartment that is conducive to dogs.  sadness.  i love my cats a lot, but i also love the idea of having a dog i could take everywhere with us.  i have even flirted with the idea of asking if i could have a dog as a class pet.  how awesome would that be.  i equate it to having a therapy dog or training a seeing eye dog.  the kids would love it and i would hope the dog would to.  who would not love being loved on by 19 lively kiddos all the time?  ok, i am done for now.  still missing a dog in our life......

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