Thursday, December 30, 2010

Laos, how i love thee....

on christmas day, we flew from phnom penh to luang prabang, laos via bangkok.  we arrived mid-day to a quaint airport in which one walks on the tarmac to get to the "terminal".  applied for visas, waited in two immigration lines, and picked up our bags to be picked up to go about 20 minutes outside of town into the jungle.  after a bumpy ride, we arrived at this oasis in the jungle.  it was gorgeous!  we stayed in the jungle for two nights.  the time was great, relaxing and full of rest.  we ate, slept, talked, played, and just did a lot of nothing.  it was fabulous.  the first morning there paul and i walked to the elephant village about 15 minutes away to ride elephants.  it was amazing.  it was early, there was a mist looming over the jungle and we rode about 25 minutes or so.  the cool part was that we walked into the nam khan river.  very cool.  i took tons of pictures and our mahout took some pics of us too.  a great morning activity.  the rest of the day we ate, napped and paul played some video games while i read.  the weather in the jungle was quite chilly which was a nice change from the hot and steamy of phnom penh.  i really loved sleeping with all the doors and windows wide open listening to nature's soundtrack.

the next part of the trip we stayed in town in luang prabang.  the guesthouse was small, simple and sufficient.  we did some shopping, ate at various places, had massages, and took heaps of photos.  the first night in town we met friends from seoul that were spending the holiday in laos as well.  we had dinner at the nicest, best rated place in luang prabang--l'elephant.  it was quite good, to be honest.  i had the best pork loin i have ever eaten with garlic mashed potatoes that melted in my mouth.  for a starter, i had a fabulous pumpkin and coconut cream soup with kaffir lime.  wow!

overall, paul and i loved laos and we will go back sooner than later.  it's a unique, laid back, and edgey country.  we loved the vibe, the people, the food and the company.

click here for pictures from our adventures in laos.

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