Saturday, April 23, 2011

my ponderings.....

i know i need to add the india blogs up here and i am working on it.  this week was tiring since it was my first week back, but i do have to say it was a good one.  the new unit i working on with my kids is exciting and school went really well this week.  i actually felt like i knew what i was doing.  as a team, we are organized and doing well making a plan.  it felt really good to be "in the groove" this week at school.

on the home front, paul has been super busy working on his current projects.  he spends a lot of time working, but we have managed to do things here and there this week too.  friday we had friends over for tacos (ming made) and called it "fiesta friday".  it was so fun to have friends over and just hang out.  we looked at pictures, laughed, talked, shared a meal and just were together.  i really love this in my life.....i am definitely made for community and need to be surrounded by others.  thankfully my maker, God, had the same idea....yeah for Him!

today we slept in and had an epic rest.  i love saturdays for this reason.  my day of rest.  we woke up at 1:55 when our neighbors texted an invite for lunch and fun.  J & T are awesome and live just downstairs.  they were actually how we found our new place and they are AWESOME.  they same a 10 month old son, I.  (i like to use first initials to protect privacy b/c i am sure not everyone wants to be made public on our blog).  we had chicken fajitas and then played Settlers of Catan.  i had never played before and it was quite a bit of fun!  i am definitely hooked and hoping to share this game with my friends and family this summer.  i came in 2nd place with 8 points while J took the glory for winning.  the boys tried to keep her from winning, but their strategies weren't panning out.

after the game, I was hungry and needed to start his bedtime routine.  paul went to get fatboy subs and then we watch four episodes of modern family with J & T.  we thought we would be watching a movie, but that did not work out.  it was a great day.

hard to believe it's easter weekend.  it rained like mad here this evening and i am hoping it will help with the heat.  this week has been especially hot and sauna-like.

some goals for myself---

  • post india blog posts
  • upload pictures to flickr
  • read and rest

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