Sunday, April 10, 2011

welcome to india!

after a full day of travel we landed in new delhi!  i cannot believe we are really here.  it's still surreal a bit especially since earlier this same week i was awfully ill.  we had a warm indian greeting by mr and mrs borges, a teaching colleague's parent.  they are lovely and so warm!  i feel like we are visiting relatives.  we got our phones and sim cards sorted and then made our way through the large airport to the taxi.  we aren't too far from the b&b.  we got to see lots of cards and transportation on the way from the airport and had fabulous conversation as well in the car.  our b&b is great!  the room is large and the bathroom spacious.  we had our first chai tea in india this evening with mr and mrs borges at the b&b.  so fun!  i was excited and we waited to see what they would do with their tea before we sipped ours.  :)  it was nice, warm and flavorful.  i have had chai before, but not in india.  :)  we settled up our plan for tomorrow and then said good night to our lovely hosts.  paul and i need to get some rupees from a cash machine, so we went out and about.  it was nearly midnight, but things here are still quite awake at this hour.  we walked down to the PVR cinema near the b&b where there is a small area with food stalls.  we had a peep around and then decided to try  mcdonald's.  we had read that there burgers are made with lamb and not beef, so we were intrigued.  tonight's menu just had chicken though--paul had a spicy chicken wrap and i had a spicy chicken sandwich.  we are back at the b&b and settling in for a good rest before our outings tomorrow with mrs borges.  cannot wait.  india is great so far!

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  1. hope you hsve s wonderful stay and take lots of pics.