Sunday, January 2, 2011

first 11 of '11: 1.2.11

slept in a bit more today as the first stir and conscious moment was about 9am.  it feels so nice to sleep until i want to get up instead of being jolted awake by an alarm clock.  today was a low key laid back day which i wanted.  i ate some breakfast amongst the madness that is our home at the moment.  i love the people and hustle & bustle.  it's so nice to have so much going on in one small place.  i made a hair appointment for myself as i needed to redeem the hair-gone-wrong situation that i was living with.  walked down to sokun's place hoping and praying for some redemption and good style for my hair.  a few hours later i walked out pleased and happy. it is truly a huge difference---color and cut.  i am so much happier this go round.  came home to an empty house which was nice, surprisingly.  i caught up on blogs and just sat in the quiet.  i ended up laying on the couch for a bit too which was lovely.

everyone came home about the same time and we all shared about our day and adventures.  the girls had been to the pool, gotten ice cream, and played in the sandy area at the cafe.  they had lots to share.  i planned and drew some of my ideas for the guest room and accenting our room while everyone busily did their own thing.  stu made dinner, paul worked, the girls played and did this and that.  sheree managed to make the rounds to see what everyone was up to and doing.

dinner was amazing.  roasted chicken with roasted veggies, a super yummy gravy, broccoli and cauliflower bake, and yummy honey drizzled baked carrots.  wow!  it is nice sharing meals with others.  i love that our table has been full of folks when we sit down for dinner.  all six of us piled around, passing plates, talking, sharing.....makes my heart happy.  the adults do some tag team washing up while the girls wait patiently for the desserts to make appearance.  after dinner, grace teaches her dad a thing or two about the new super mario on the wii while sophie and sheree sit and watch.  i sit back and take it all in and paul is back at his computer working.

another great day here at the falgout abode.  off to read before bed.

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