Thursday, January 6, 2011

first 11 of '11: 1.5.11

word of the day: REST!

i did lots of it and it was awesome.  paul and i had lunch together which is always a treat since we don't get to when i am working.  we went to fatboy subs around the corner from our house.  they are super good.  simliar to subway, but SOOO much better.  subway on steroids is the description we often use.  i had a filly cheesesteak and it was so yummy.  we shared a cookie (paul got it free with his frequent buyer card) and then he walked me home.  he was off to gloria jeans to work and i had no plans for the afternoon.

i spent much of the afternoon in bed---sleeping and/or cuddling with our cat, India.  she loves to cuddle and just have attention since Sam passed away.  it's been a nice change since she usually can be quite the independent kitty.

last night we took our friends and their friends to Yumi which is easily one of our favorites here in PP.  it's a fusion Japanese place and has an unique menu.  the Yumi pork ribs are the best i have ever had.  it was fun to go with more people as we tried much more of the menu than we usually would/could.  it was such a smattering of this and that and the best part was that everything we tried was amazing.  i cannot wait until our next visit there.  such a gem in our city.

paul and i finished off the evening watching somce big bang theory after our friends went to bed.  we really have grown to love the show and always have a good laugh which is therapeutic.

another great day of holiday.........three more days before i go back to work.........

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