Wednesday, January 5, 2011

first 11 of '11: 1.4.11

today was a whirlwind of a shopping day, but not for me.  my friends spent much of the day at a local designer's shop, ambre, trying on lots and lots of clothes.  i sat by and watched the madness which was interesting, thought provoking, and filled with lots of artsy like thoughts.  i learned i am not really into being fashionable, but i prefer being comfortable.  i do like certain things, but prefer a much more casual look than my friends.  some are made for fashion, some are made for comfort.

dinner was simple....paul and i went to our local little indian place around the corner.  it was quite tasty and good.  always a nice meal!  we came home and watched more big bang theory which is always guaranteed to provide a good laugh.  paul and i are tv junkies.  this is one of the ways that we spend quality time together even though i wished we watched less, but it is what it is.  i am not going to punish and berate myself for the facts of life.  it's not going to kill us.

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  1. I like to be fashionably comfortable :o) I like your thoughts on TV - Walt and I spend a lot of quality time watching TV together and I wish we watched less...but you are right...I don't need to punish and berate myself for it...It's not going to kill us...and usually it's rather nice :o)