Sunday, October 24, 2010

ants....we have a problem....

we have ants.  we have them everywhere.  today we discovered they are on our towels in the bathroom.  argh.  what do we use to kill them?  any non toxic solutions?  we have them near food and not near food.  sometimes they are in the most unlikely of places.  please help.....


  1. A solution of soapy water to wash the shelves without rinsing. the soap will leave a residue the ants do not like. Especially if you use a castille soap or one with peppermint or rosemary and thyme. You can also draw a chalk outline around what you are trying to protect and that will keep many at bay. Encourage any gecko populations you can find as they help with the other pests. Be sure to keep a dried bay leaf in the bottom of any container of dry goods. All things I learned when living in Okinawa. Hope this helps

  2. thanks jene! i am going to see what we can do to keep them out of our things...

  3. My mom suggests boric acid. Pretty cheap and effective, from what she says.