Monday, October 18, 2010

oh mondays...

most likely my least favorite day of the week since i do have to wake to an alarm clock for the first time since the friday before, but my teaching monday is quite a nice ease into the week.  each monday we have late start which means that i don't have my students until 10am, so between 7:30-9:30 we have collaboration meetings, pro d times, and team planning.  i am not usually fully awake yet, but it's a good deal for me.  i don't have to immediately be "on" and can wrap my head around the week before diving in.  i teach for a few hours and then we have lunch.  after lunch i teach thirty more minutes before my kiddos are off to music for an hour and a half and then the last thirty minutes of the day i read aloud to them.  it's a sweet deal.

today was a bit out of sorts as i am attempting to get organized, but it's been slow.  i am using google docs for my lesson plans, observation notes, calendar, etc.  i have not gotten all the standard things put into my lesson plan spreadsheets, so when E arrived to do word work i stood there saying in my brain, "oh no!  it's word work time and i don't have the new sorts ready for this week."  i quickly walked to the computer and made it happen.  voila!  situation of disaster avoided.

yeah me!

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