Friday, October 29, 2010

detox day #2

today has been great.  i have felt really good which makes me happy, a bit worried, and wondering if this is working and/or i am doing it right.  maybe it just takes more time....i guess i will find out soon enough.

today's breakfast was a success--green smoothie with 2c pineapple, 2c watermelon and 2c green escaroles lettuce.  super tasty and did the trick.  snack was 1c mango.  :)  lunch was grilled chicken, 1c wild rice, 1c watermelon, and the left over veggies that ming made from the night before.  so good.  after school snack was 1c pineapple.

i had been thinking about dinner all day long.  we had planned to go to k'nyay which is a cool little place that is khmer food that has the twist of vegan & vegetarian, but they also serve meat.  the fun part about this place is that it has a great story, but more importantly almost all the food on the menu is safe for me to eat on detox.  :)  yeah for that.  i ordered chicken amok which is a traditional khmer dish.  it's like a curry and served with wild rice.  it was divine and with each bite i felt like i was breaking ALL the rules, but i wasn't.  paul ordered homemade pesto pasta with vegetables.  he said it was amazing too!  he said that when i can eat wheat/flour again that i should order it to celebrate b/c it is just that good.  oh, i forgot to mention that we had fresh spring rolls as an appy and they were awesome.  it came with some homemade peanut sauce that i now love.  i could eat it as salad dressing.  the spring rolls were fresh and full of flavor.

back at home now, drinking water and watching the last few episodes of lost season five with my hubs.  i do have to say that day #2 has been a success.  go me!

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