Sunday, October 31, 2010

day #4 detox...

paul has been quite sick the last 24 hours.  he had a crazy fever much of the night.  we had another lazy, restful day at home.

i went out for about an hour today to get food and make a few trips to the various grocery stores to stock up on more fruit and the basics.  paul has been munching on pizza much of the day.  i got a salad at vego while i was out.  so good.  i made my own dressing when i got home and added some chicken and wild rice.  it was yummy.  we have been drinking fresh fruit smoothies too.  for dinner i had a bowl of roasted red pepper soup that we ordered in yesterday.  we took a long afternoon nap which was super nice.  paul is feeling much better now although he does have a cough and feels yuck, but the fever has gone.  dayquil is his friend.

we have been chilling on the couches this evening watching tv--lost season 6 and the office.  paul is now eating homemade salsa and chips.  the salsa is soooo good.  ming makes killer salsa.

day #4 is being written in as a success!  woo hoo!

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  1. Huge relief that Paul's fever is gone...though a cough is no fun. And kudos to you for sticking with the detox throughout the weekend. Still cheering you on!