Wednesday, November 3, 2010

day 5, 6, and 7 of detox

sorry there has been a bit of quiet on this here blog, but it's been quite the adventure at the falgout house lately.  paul has been sick, but monday night spiked a fever again.  i put my foot down and said we are going to the doctor in the morning (tuesday).  i arranged for a sub at school and i am oh so thankful i did.  i woke up paul at 10:30 to get ready for the doctor.  he made it downstairs, but proceeded to pass out, sweat through a shirt, and hit his head/face all in one go.  stressful and i began to panic a little on the inside all the while playing it cool on the outside.  he took a shower and we slowly made it downstairs to the tuk tuk.  when we got to the clinic they offered him a bed to lay in while we waited to see the doctor.  after a few pokes and tests, it was confirmed that he has entamoeba histolytica.  basically a nasty parasite living in his tummy and bowels.  yuk!  they are very common here and everyone and anyone gets them.  no matter where you eat or how careful you are, it happens. he has to take meds for three weeks to kill the parasite and any eggs that may be dormant as well.  he was excited that it seemed cool since he had to get stuck with a needle.  he is such a little kid when it comes to the doctor and such.  his response after the tests was, "it better be something cool at least."  it made me laugh.  just like a little kid, but instead from an almost thirty year old.  he was also dehydrated too, but instead of getting IV fluids we promised that he would drink lots and lots of water.  he is feeling better, but not great.  he has done a lot of sleeping since we got home.  he has taken three doses of meds so far.  the doctor said it would take a few days to feel even remotely better.  i decided to take off another day of school to stay home to keep an eye on him.  his whole passing out episode made me nervous and i wanted to make sure he is okay before returning back to school.  family first at this house!

as for the detox, all is well on that front.  no slip ups for me.  i am still eating and drinking as per the rules and feel great.  my quality of sleep has improved which is always nice and i feel less tired in the afternoons.  usually i would be keen to take a nap in the afternoon, but not getting that feeling as of late.  yeah for that.  although i do still love to sleep and rest.  one of my gifts.  this morning paul and i both slept in (shocking i know) and i just had some organic oats with fresh apple and mangos and a dash of cinnamon, YUM!  not to mention i ate it in bed while wearing a sweater.  i love cool weather.  unfortunately, the cool weather in my bedroom is by no means natural but air conditioner induced.  :)  i am a freak, i know.

on monday evening i had my second eat, move and improve meeting.  it was good.  i learned about sugar and glycemic index.  it was interesting and really made me think about all the sugar one can eat without even realizing it.  i also got weighed again which was good.  i love 2kg which is about 4 pounds.  WOO HOO for me.  i am super proud that all this work is working for now.  it's always rewarding.

so far a success....i marked my half way point on my calendar on monday--nov 11th is the half way mark.  nov 26th is the last day of detox for me.  it's been so easy and i have been reflecting on what changes i can easily keep at after detox is finished.  it's awesome and i am so glad i made the choice to do it.


  1. Yeah girl! I'm so proud of you! 4 pounds!! And also I'm proud of you for managing to take care of Paul while staying ON the detox wagon. Three cheers for Mandy!! :)

  2. This mama is so happy to know that you are taking such good care of Paul! Keep making him drink that water. I know he's not a fan of water. And kudos for getting through your first week of detox throughout the stress. Yeah for you!! Congrats on the weight loss too!

  3. glad you are both doing better, and he had something 'cool' that you cant get in the US.