Sunday, November 28, 2010

crazy, nuts, hectic...whatever you might call it

that is what life has been like for us here in PP.  a bit of everything.

end of detox was okay.  i all up lost about 10lbs/4.5kg.  it is good, but days #15-21 were sucky.  it was the hardest part--all the novelty had worn off, boring had set in and tears were making an every other day appearance.  all over food!  it was rough.  paul was amazing and did his best to support and encourage me.  i stopped officially on day #21.  we were going to saigon for a long weekend and thanksgiving was around the corner.  i need to be more sensible as i just have thrown it all out the window.  since being back to eating "normal" food, i feel much more tired and my tummy is not sure what to make of it all.  lesson learned, going to eat sensible as much as possible.

paul had an amoeba and then two days before we headed to saigon he spiked another fever.  what?!?!  yes, i was thinking this since the dude NEVER gets sick.  this time he felt okay, but was having wicked nasty stomach pains.  he went to the clinic, this time without a fuss, and they concluded he had a bacteria and gave him general antibiotics.  whew!  he is now finished with all his medications for both illnesses and back in the groove of things.  praise God!

sam, our senior citizen kitty, is aging.  on friday morning, i woke to him laid out on the floor awake and breathing, but making no movements.  this is highly unlike him since it was morning and he knows i give out the food then.  he was just laying there listless.  ugh, my heart stopped.  paul picked him and up and put him on his feet just after he tried to puke laying down.  he wobbled this way and that, leaned against the wall for support as he attempted to walk towards the living room.  we have decided after much observation for the 50 hours or so that he must have had a seizure/stroke.  his left hind leg is working, but not as well as it was.  he is back up and at'em.  he is interested in food again and makes no bars about meowing annoyingly in the mornings to get my attention.  :)  God, i love him.  he has struggled a few times getting up on the couch.  sometimes he can make it and other times his back legs don't want to cooperate.  such a bummer watching him grow older.  we just love on him a lot and try to make him as comfy as possible.  my dear ol' man kitty!

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