Wednesday, November 3, 2010

cravings and other interesting tidbits

since the beginning of detox i have felt quite great.  there was a lingering headache at first, but i just kept drinking lots and lots of water which helps.  there have been a few other interesting things happening worth noting....

first, i have dreams about eating something i am not supposed to.  the other night i was dreaming that i ate a piece of pizza and mid slice i said to myself, "wait, i cannot eat this." and promptly threw it away.  in the same night i was at starbucks with my mom and sipping on coffee when again i realized i cannot drink this.  again, i threw it out immediately.  funny times.

the last few days i have been craving sweets.  nothing crazy, but i would love a piece of pumpkin pie or one of the tasty cupcakes/muffins i have read about on blogs i follow.  it's interesting that of all things this is what i have been craving.  i am a huge fan of pumpkin lately, so honestly it's not crazy that i want something sweet and pumpkiny.

organic oats and fresh fruit helps, but so does freshly made hummus with veggies sticks.  gosh i love food.

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