Wednesday, November 3, 2010

our cat, india

india is the fickle one in the family.  she likes attention on her terms, not when anyone wants to give it.  she's always been independent and an observer.  she is not the lap cat when anyone comes over.  she usually hides when new people come over and waits for her moment to make an appearance.  she is great, just an independent feline.  

as of late though she has really seem to get more comfortable being close to me and paul.  she has always been a little dog-like when it comes time for me to go to bed.  she gets excited and follows me to bed.  hopes on the bed before i can get it, walks around, meows, and throws herself down seeming to say, "okay pet me."  when i get into bed she likes to lay down at arm's length...not too close, but close enough that i can pet and scratch her. lately though she has been laying down beside me and seems to like sleeping a bit closer than before.  i love it and hope this trend continues.  she is a great cat and has been in bed most of the day with me today.  she just curls up and takes naps.  she will move after a bit, but just to make a new place for her to lie on.  earlier when i was still under the blankets she decided to have a nap on me.  she slept there for a while before i decided to needed to make a potty run and check on paul too.  

i love her.  she is great cat and her personality is challenging at times, but oh so worth the wait when she decides to love on you.  

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