Monday, November 29, 2010

monday weigh in...

the locale was a very cool place and a restaurant i love now....k'nyay (in khmer it means ginger).  the part owner  is from the UK and been a vegan for twenty years.  the food is amazing and they do have some meat items on the menu.  it suits all walks of life really, but the good part is that much of the menu is so healthy for you.

weigh in...up 2.2lbs/1kg from the last weigh in two weeks ago.  it's frustrating, but not a surprise since we went to vietnam and had thanksgiving.  honestly i thought it might be more, but i had been monitoring myself on the scale.  what done is done.  oh well.....this week i am trying to cut out wheat/gluten and dairy again b/c i think one of them might be doing a doozie to my stomach.  not sure what one, but my stomach has not been happy.  i am also going to eat as little sugar as possible.

here's to another week and getting back on the bandwagon.......

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