Friday, October 29, 2010

day #1 of detox

today has been great.  i have felt good pretty much all day except for the minor lingering headache.  to jump start the morning i had a glass of water with lime juice.  breakfast was a bust though.  i made a green smoothie and it was kind of gross.  i used 2c spinach, about 1c watermelon, some water and a bit of lime juice.  ugh.  it was not good and i could not finish it.  i had the urge to gag when i tried.  so i had some almonds instead and drank some water.  for snack, i had some carrots.  i was pretty hungry by lunch which was also tasty.  i had some asian noodles with chicken and some mango.  ming makes the asian noodles and they are yummy.  drank more water through out the day and tried to think away the headache that was still trying to move into my head.  after school on my way home i was hungry again and ate some almonds and drank some water.  when i got home the house smelled so good---aromas of ginger.  dinner must be good is what i thought.  sure enough it was.....chicken with ginger, steamed veggies with a bit of olive oil and garlic, and wild rice.  wow!  it was delicious and after i felt so full.  after dinner i was headed to my SnB group that meets once a month.  we met at a cafe called fresco that is down in BKK.  i was tempted by all the yummy food and drinks but stuck to my plan.  every time i had an inkling to eat something "banned" i just drank my water.  :)  i also had some raw almonds in my bag in case i got hungry.

all in all, the day was a success.....only 29 more to go.


  1. Excited to hear how this goes for you, Mandy! You can do this!!!

  2. thanks TLC! i saw the new pics and whoa....HOT MOMMA! you look amazing! i am super inspired by you!